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News IQ and state vote habits

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    http://www.seas.upenn.edu/~kenyon3/2004.htm [Broken]
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    I can't seem to find a word to express my thoughts.

    It seems obvious in a sense; and mind-boggling in another, since it is such a linear pattern.

    Should we conclude that the Bush voters are of lower intelligence, strictly because they can not tell the difference between a good and bad president. OR that the south generally has a lower iq, and the pattern is simply because the south has always been in favor of Bush (due to reasons other than ideology).
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    I'd be more concerned that by these figures, the American people as a whole fall under 100 on average.
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    Fascination with television? Not to mention other things of course..
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    Or they're just naturally stupid.
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    Highly unlikely in my uneducated opinion. Correct me if i am wrong.

    Back on topic, would anyone happen to know the answer to my earlier question:

    Should we conclude that the Bush voters are of lower intelligence, strictly because they can not tell the difference between a good and bad president. OR that the south generally has a lower iq, and the pattern is simply because the south has always been in favor of Bush (due to reasons other than ideology).
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    I personally believe most americans are stupid. I know most americans are bad drivers.

    And now we are in complete control by the religous right, its a sad day. Most americans my be stupid, but the people holding the cards certainly are not.
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    I've heard Italy is worse as far as drivers go. Not that it is in anyway relevant.

    The fact of the matter is that the 'religious right' is the majority. You can whine all you want, but face it: they are the majority. The basic idea of democracy then dictates that they will control the country, if they are the majority.
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    I'd say that most people who voted for Bush are of less intelligence. I'm actually debating one on another forum. I'm almost ready to give up - his debating prowess is near non-existant.

    I'd insinuate that religion would have alot of correlation to the results of that survey.

    Is that survey accurate or a joke? I'd believe it.
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    Today my macroeconomics professor said he was a conservative democrat. He went on to explain that his position has a lot to do with rational self-interest. I think that a large number of people tend to vote based on rational self-interest ceteris paribus. If you think about it, most universities have a rational self-interest in liberalism and if you look at a red and blue map you can see that. However these liberal students are the same people who later on own a business and then seem to vote republican, again this can be explained by rational self-interest.

    I think a more realistic and scientific study of how social groups vote would easily establish rational self-interest as a rule of thumb but I could be wrong. But I would also like to point out that economics is largely based on people acting on ration self-interest.

    I think that education and intelligence by themselves have absolutely nothing to do with how people vote.

    Even more important I would like to know some more about this data, I am certain that this data completely wrong. I cannot believe anyone even takes this kind of crap seriously.

    Feel free to disagree with me as I sure that all the self proclaimed liberal geniuses here will do.

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    Low IQ states simply lack sufficient numbers of Italian-Americans.
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    I think the problem is that parties are too focused on remaining on the left or right end of the political spectrum.

    Conservative pro-business views seem better to me, but moral views are better on the left side of the spectrum with the Democrats. Moral issues are more important than financial issues (assuming you have the essentials). Therefore, I always favor the left-wing candidates. I don't even agree with all the right-wing business stances, just a few such as the reinforcement of keeping a hierarchical society.

    I think the best society would be one that endorses radical or near radical beliefs. People who simply want change in the way they believe is most efficient.
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    Hey I've got a test for you to take

    I designed it myself

    It proves that you're less capable than I

    So listen to what I have to say

    You are stupid, you see

    Incapable of thinking for yourself

    Just follow my lead

    I know what's best for you

    I have a plan

    Give me your money

    I'll protect you from yourself

    Don't listen to your conscience

    Your thoughts are wrong

    Nobody thinks the same way as you

    So keep your mouth shut

    Just follow me

    While you are stripped of your liberty
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    Uh huh. And where did those statewide IQ numbers come from? Would it differ if you did it by county? For example Cook county(Chicago) gave Illinois to Kerry, but I think Dupage county (rich suburbs) went for Bush. What are the IQs of those two polities?
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    Are people really this gullible?? It's a hoax. Shouldn't posting hoaxes be against the rules of this forum?

    "The Bush-voters-have-lower-IQs hoax appears to have run its course. The editor at American Assembler who posted the table that got the whole firestorm going has posted an abject apology."

    Link: http://www.museumofhoaxes.com/hoax/C39/P10/
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    Not if you're the supreme being :wink:
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    According to the exit polls, the majority of college drop outs (some college) voted for Bush, while the majority of post grads voted for Kerry.
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    Bears repeating. I'm surprised at you, Greg!
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    National Exit Polls, by Education

    No High School (4%) : 49% Bush (+10% since 2000), 50% Kerry

    H.S. Graduate (22%) : 52% Bush (+3% since 2000), 47% Kerry

    Some College (32%) : 54% Bush (+3% since 2000), 46% Kerry

    College Graduate (26%) : 52% Bush (+1% since 2000), 46% Kerry

    Postgrad Study (16%) : 44% Bush (+0% since 2000), 55% Kerry
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    These figures are inaccurate because it's solely based on word of the pollees. Only 24.4% of the US adult population is a college graduate yet the exit polls show 42% has a college degree? Even assuming that virtually every college graduate voted, the numbers do not add up. And 16% with postgraduate study? Please try telling me that's not inflated.

    This is similiar to researches involving penis sizes. Where when giving subjects measuring sticks and asking them to measure their penis and give the number back, the average number would be an entire inch higher than researches where doctors themselves would measure penis sizes.

    In any chance where pollees get to brag about themselves they will. 42% of the voting population is not a college graduate. I would assume it is higher than 24.4% however since college graduates would be more likely to vote but 42% is just way too high.
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