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Is it a ionic or a covalent bond?

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    In the compunds below, are the bonds most ionic or covalent?

    CH3-Mg-Cl (Grignard reagent), C-Mg bond

    [Ag(NH3)2]+ (Tollens' reagent), Ag-N bond

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    For the Grignard reagent bond, C-Mg, I think it is covalent mostly. The electronegativity difference between C-Mg is not too significant. But it will be polar certainly.

    For the Tollen's reagent, the bond between NH3 and Ag+ is that of dative covalent, because NH3 can be considered as ligand to Ag+
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    For the Grignard reagent, the Mg-Cl bond is covalent, but the Mg-CH3 bond is ionic with the carbon carrying the negative charge and the Mg-Cl carrying the positive charge. This allows the lone pair on the carbanion to attack sites on other molecules containing a partial positive (such as carbonyls).
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