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Is Win XP key transferable

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    I own a legal(ofcorse) Win XP key but I don't need it anymore, may I sell it? Reason being, I am thinking of selling my desktop, just wondering should I include win xp in the price or format the drive entirely?
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    It depends on what type of XP license you have. The OEM versions are tied to the specific computer it was originally installed on (for examples the ones that come preinstalled on Dell). Or if you bought an OEM copy yourself, then it is bound to the first computer you install it on (according to the EULA atleast).

    If however, you bought a retail-box version, then as far as I know, you have full rights to do whatever you want with that license.

    As for if you should include Windows in the price, that depends on how willing your buyer is to pay =P
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    If you include it in the computer's price, you may encounter problems if the person is computer illiterate. You'd be surprised by how many people have no idea that the operating system isn't actually burned into the computer and is actually installed and bought separately from the hardware. lol

    Like mezarashi said, you can sell it, just don't retain a copy of the cd and cd key for yourself or you'll get the key banned when you both use your computers.
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    We purchased another license which is much cheaper than re-buying though I can remember installing xp on our laptop and not having any problems but i can't remember if it was before or after we got the extra license-probably after
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    Just find your license to see which is which.

    Just hold down you ALT key, then double click on "My Computer." Under "Registered to:" It should have the name and cd key below that.
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    Thanks for the input. Argh, registered to: <my name>. That isn't very good or is it? I have no intention to use the key of the PC, my laptop has its own legal cd key.
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    If the cd key looks something like "323-OEM-34324-32423" then that is not good, because it's an OEM copy. But if it looks something like "342-234-324-234" then there shouldn't be any problems.

    I don't think it really matters who it says it's licensed to.
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    Ok, thanks there are just numbers.
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