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Isolation Of Antihydrogen

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    Wikipedia says CERN has isolated about 38 atoms of antihydrogen and maintained them for over 15 minutes? ... Do you think that is possible???

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    Whenever you find a claim on wikipedia that you want to verify, follow the sources it cites. That's what they are for.
    Here, I've done it for you this time:

    The last two articles are paywalled, though.

    ArXiv has got a number of papers on the subject:
    http://arxiv.org/find/all/1/all:+AND+Trapped+antihydrogen/0/1/0/all/0/1 (scroll down a bit)
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    Why would it be impossible?
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    I thought that anti-matter couldn`t be stored inside things made of matter (its opposite) that`s why I thought it was impossible..?
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    If you read the original report on CNN, the 38 atoms of anti-hydrogen were contained in a magnetic trap. These atoms were held in containment long enough for researchers to run experiments several hundred times.

    It's not impossible to make anti-matter, given sufficient time and energy; the trick is to store the stuff and keep it from reacting with matter, which is why the magnetic trap is necessary.

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