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Stargazing June 8th eclipse of Venus

  1. Travel to Europe to see the entire transit

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  2. Watch transit in Eastern Canada/U.S at sunrise

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  3. Watch transit in Australia at sunset

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  4. It doesn't really matter

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  1. May 29, 2004 #1
    Hey guys, I just wanted to know what everyone's up too for the June 8th eclipse of Venus...(and inform anyone who doesn't know)
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  3. May 29, 2004 #2
    I'll be missing it. I'm in Eastern Canada but 'll be doing an exam that morning and the day before so I won't be putting any leisure time into my schedule.
  4. May 30, 2004 #3
    ill be missing it as well :(

    "Note that the transit is not visible from Mexico (except Yucatan where egress occurs during sunrise). "
    http://sunearth.gsfc.nasa.gov/eclipse/transit/TV2004/city-CA.html [Broken]
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  5. May 30, 2004 #4
    Hopefully I will be watching the ellipse during sunrise June 8th. I am lucky to even have a chance to view it.
  6. May 30, 2004 #5
    I'll be watching it from school :) From Norway it's easily visible from 7 am to like 1 pm. Just hope we don't get any clouds :uhh:
  7. Jun 6, 2004 #6
    Can the eclipse be sighted from any place in Earth, like South Asia, or merely in the Americas?

    Eclipses are a fascinating facet of astronomy and enlightens to mystify the human soul.
  8. Jun 6, 2004 #7


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    Since a transit only lasts like half an hour, and it will be visible in Athens, I presume it will not be visible in the New World at all. Corrections?
  9. Jun 6, 2004 #8


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  10. Jun 6, 2004 #9


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    If Kerrie wanders through here, I am curious as to whether she puts an astrological significance to this astronomical event.
  11. Jun 7, 2004 #10
    I just checked with an astronomy official.

    Times for the transit: 5:30 GMT - 10:30 GMT. Maximum point of the eclipse shall occur during 8:30 GMT.

    Most of America and the New World shall miss the transit entirely. Only Eastern parts of America and South America shall witness this transit.
  12. Jun 7, 2004 #11
    we will have a satellite uplink to Greece where we will watch it between 11pm-7am
  13. Jun 7, 2004 #12
    I'm going to try and grab some pics... I think I figured it will be here 7:00AM for east Coast Canada?
  14. Jun 7, 2004 #13
    i hate to be picky but is the phrase 'eclipse of venus' correct?

    it isn't venus that is being eclipsed is it?

    as i understand the sun will be eclipsed ever so slightly (0.0078% less light from the sun i think).
  15. Jun 7, 2004 #14
    I've got my prime position, here in Oz (I can't wait to see Venus' atmosphere "shroud").
  16. Jun 7, 2004 #15

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    I've heard that there are places we can watch the eclipse on the internet. Any recomendations?
  17. Jun 7, 2004 #16


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    I am 80% sure that I have heard of this sort of phenomenon being called a "transit."
  18. Jun 7, 2004 #17
    http://www.astronomy.no/ is probably one of the bests
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  19. Jun 7, 2004 #18
    People in some Asian Countries can watch the whole event. In Hong Kong, the eclipse will start at 13.12 (HK time) and we can watch nearly the entire process. :biggrin: The sun here will set just a few minutes before Venus "emerges" from the sun, what a pity! :cry:

    Today is quite cloudy in Hong Kong, I hope it won't affect us watching this event.

    Counting down --- 3 hrs !!!!!!
  20. Jun 7, 2004 #19

    Math Is Hard

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    thx, check!
  21. Jun 7, 2004 #20
    1) In regards to my improper grammer - eclipse of venus, yes I was incorrect, my deepest appologies. The "transit" of venus - perhaps that is better

    2) Im setting my alarm now, ill set my telescope on it, if it can see past my local suburbia of houses in the way of the sun!!! Should be good, thanks for all the posts guys

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