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Homework Help: Just a basic Series/Parallel circuit

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    Ok i'm just having some concept problems with some of my homework. I have the following circuit.


    I am not sure what to do iwth the 4, 9, 4 and 6 ohm resistors. Which ones are in parallel or in series. Any help would be great.

    Sorry for the bad diagram
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    clearly the top 4 and 9 ohm resistors in your diagram are in parallel, replace them with an equivalent resistor then redraw your diagram, you should be able to reduced it further.
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    Thank you, thats all i need to know
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    Try redrawing the diagram! It may help you figure out the series/parrallel confusion you are having. The circuit can be drawn in numerous ways, the question is which one helps you see it in a way so that you can esily set up your equations and do the math.

    Teachers sometimes like to confuse you with diagrams that seem misleading.
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