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Homework Help: Just a thought

  1. Sep 20, 2006 #1
    i was just thinking...and its probably totally wrong...but ive asked my physics teacher and shes just like..."next question please"...
    if our eyes see things upside down but our brain interprets them the right way up (or is that just in babies??)...but yer if our eyes n brains do that...does that mean that really the world is like upside down or something and like in stead of gravity going downwards its really going ^^^ or like or its still going down but becasuse the world is upside down its realli going up?? i dont know i confuse my self!! :confused:
    but yer just wondering...and sorry if that didnt make any sence at all!!
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    Welcome to PF

    the world is prefectly like what you see, upright. But when the image is formed on your retina, it is upside down, just that our brain is able to interpret it correctly, thats all. BTW when light(the image) passes throught the lens of your eye, the light is twisted upside down and hence image form on your retina is upside down.

    OFF TOPIC : your teacher shouldn't really snub you like that, what a unprofessional teacher you have.
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