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Homework Help: Kinematics help

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    if a plane is flying at 720 km/h and drops a bomb when it is 2000 m high what is the length of time the bomb was in the air?

    So Viinitial is 720 km/h and d is 2000 m , g is 9.8 and to solve for t would i use the formuladeltay = Videltat + 1/2adeltay t^2?
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    the vertical and horizontal component are independent, the result is not related to how fast the plane travel horizontally
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    delta x = viX dellta t
    2000 = 720 km/h (delta t)
    delta t = 2000m/ 720 km/h. Therefore the length of time the bomb was in the air is 2.7 seconds?
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    Doc Al

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    This is the correct equation to use, but not the correct initial velocity. All you care about is the vertical motion (which, as vincentchan points out, has nothing to do with the horizontal speed of the plane), so what's the initial speed in the vertical direction?
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