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Kinetic energy, work pirnciple. (?)

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    a base ball (m= 140g) traveling 32m/s moves a fielder's glove backward 25cm when the ball is caught. What was the average force exerted by the ball on the glove?

    since w=f||d would it make sense if the average force is f= d/w
    I know force =ma but I don't see how to apply it in this problem. I also know that work =m *h* g. but these informations doesn't help me.

    you heelp would be appreciated
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    Maybe the kinetic energy of the ball would be a handy piece of information?
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    The ball decelerated to rest over a distance of 25cm. It's plain old equations of motion.

    Edit: Just noticed the title of this thread. You'll get the same answer if you use kinetic energy and w = f*d.
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