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Homework Help: Kinetic Friction of pushed box

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    A box of books weighing 325N moves with a constant velocity across the floor when it is pushed with a force with 425N exerted downward at an angle of 35.2o below the horizontal. Find uk between the box and the floor.

    Please help me I have a test soon and I'm not exactly understanding how to solve that. I skipped a few classes because I travelled for a volleyball tournament.
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    Welcome to PF.

    Draw a force diagram.

    Your box exerts a downward force on the floor.

    The force at 35.2° has 2 components - 1 is horizontal and the other is vertical down.

    It moves at constant velocity so there is no net force horizontally. The horizontal component of the force is equal then to the weight down and the component down both multiplied by the coefficient of friction.
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