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Laptop monitor mysteriously will not come on

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    I have a thinkpad laptop. It will not come on. It was working fine with no signs that the monitor will cut off later. Its on a warranty, so I can get it fixed. But I don't want to go through the arduous process of packaging my laptop and waiting for a week until it gets fixed. What do you recommend do to revive the monitor myself?
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    It sounds as though the backlight may not be working. First, if you have one available, try plugging in an external monitor to make sure it's not another problem. My money is on the backlight though.
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    Do you think I should hold the fn key down and press up? perhaps my light for my monitor needs to be brighten
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    Surprised you haven't tried it yet. Won't hurt anything.
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    I think even without backlight you should be able to see if LCD tries to display something - try to look at different angles.
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    Is there ANY possibility that you've got it set for "external monitor"? On my laptop, that's [Fn F8].

    Otherwise I think it's pooched. I had that problem on my laptop and had to send it in to get a new screen.
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    I have a friend who is coming over to take a look inside my laptop monitor because he thinks maybe a wire is loose. You think that would help?
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    This is not a good idea if it is under warranty. You know those "warranty void if seal is broken" stickers? You laptop probably has at least 2 of them that will have to be removed in order to take it apart. After you remove them, you warranty is just about worthless.

    How do you know its just your monitor and not the entire thing shutting down? Whats the model number?
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    I got my computer from USAnotebook.com . They designated the warranty to six months, not the company that originally manufactured my computer. Its my monitor because my computer can power up.
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    Good news; my laptop monitor mysteriously came back on; Bad news, there is absolutely no sound output. I clicked on the sound icon on the right side of my computer and the indicators that the sound was not muted was on. Should I resinstall the driver for sound? Is the reinstallation process free? Its a thinkpad
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    Have you tried the Fn+x options? I have a thinkpad on my knee now:
    Fn + F2 = lock computer
    Fn + F3 = Turn off monitor
    Fn + F4 = standby/hibernate (depending on your settings)
    Fn + F5 = Wireless
    Fn + F7 = Switch between external/internal monitor
    Fn + F8 = Switch between touchpad/trackpoint
    Fn + F9 = undock laptop
    Fn + F12 = Hibernate
    Fn + Home = Increase screen brightness
    Fn + End = Decrease screen brightness
    Fn + PgUp = Keyboard light
    Fn + Space = Zoom screen (decreases screen res)

    On top of these there are controls for sound above the F2/F3/F4 - remember that these alter the sound outside of windows so if this is muted no amount of fiddling in windows will fix it.
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