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Large Scale Structure of Spacetime Study Group

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    Is anyone interested in going through Hawking and Ellis' book by the title above and posting questions and insights? My interest is in singularities in higher dimensional spacetime, and whether there are other ways to achieve singularities (and their zoology) besides large enough mass. I am interested in 4 dimensional hypersurfaces of signature change in 5 or higher dimensional spacetime, where the normal to the surface is not timelike.
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    Ask again in Quantum Physics, you'll get a better response to Hawking there.
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    George Jones

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    No, clejan should not ask again in Quantum Physics. As clejan knows, this book is about classical general relativity, and has nothing to do with quantum theory or Hawking radiation.
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    George is correct.
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    If I had the time, I would be willing to participate.
    I think such a focused study group on an online forum would be interesting.

    Here was one on Differential Forms https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=67268 a while back.
    (I was too busy back then to participate... but I would read some entries every now and then.)
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