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Homework Help: Lenght of a curve

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    i got a problem that says:
    x=sqrt(5)sin2t -2
    y=sqrt(5)cos2t - sqrt(3)

    how would i go about starting it?
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    Do you know the equation for arc length for a parameterized curve?

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    One other thing:You may wanna know between which points you wish to compute the length...?In other words,give 2 distinct values of "t"...The integral doesn't seem to be difficult...

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    [tex] :(1): \ \ \ \ (CurveLength_{t=a}^{t=b}) = \int_{a}^{b} \sqrt { (\frac {dy} {dt})^2 + (\frac {dx} {dt})^2} \ \ dt [/tex]

    (HINT: If solved correctly, this problem simplifies very rapidly!!)

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