Lever arm for mousetrap car

  1. am doing mine for distance should i have a long lever arm or a short lever arm, and how long should it be? and should i use a like a rubber string or just a normal one and how long should that be?

    thanks if you can reply by today
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  3. Well, I have made a mousetrap car not too long ago so hopefully I can help. :smile: However, mine was very different from the rest of the cars, but it went 3m.

    My friend's mousetrap car got the first place (almost 100m!) and his lever arm was very long. Also, I think he used a fishing rod string. When the mousetrap car was moving the leverarm went down very slowly, allowing the car to go further. If the leverarm goes down quickly, the car will also stop quickly.

    Sorry, that's all I can remember... I just had a quick glance, I didn't look at it too closely.
  4. wut kind of rod do u think i should use

    a fishing rod?
  5. Well, I don't *think* it really matters, as long as it's stable and not too heavy. :smile:
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