lever arm

  1. R

    Would a longer lever require less force to hand pump water? (PHOTO)

    I think that it would take less force to pump water based on the lever principle. But I'm not so sure! Here's a drawn photo.
  2. A

    Compound lever arm - compressor design

    So what comes to mind is utilising the full height and further node points in a triangulated system... however being only just now introduced to the concept of a compound lever I am unsure of how to get this system to work. Any thoughts much appreciated.
  3. P

    Calculating the dimensions of a lever and a column

    Hi, I have a system with a lever arm that's attached to a vertical support at its pivot point. The lever is pushed up by hand and is supported by a stay lid like in the image. I need to calculate the area and thickness of the arm and the column but the only numbers I have is the load attached...
  4. x2017

    Trouble Determining Moment Arm (aka Lever Arm)

    1. Homework Statement 2. Homework Equations ΣM=Στ 3. The Attempt at a Solution I know how to get the net torque about point P, but I am having difficulty determining where the moment arms for each force should be. I did 9 simpler questions before this no problem, but this diagram is a bit...