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Liquid which turns into a ball?

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    Is there any liquid based on viscosity and density that changes into ball.

    Obviously here, the liquid cannot be water.
    Other thing can be that some chemical is applied in hand( This doesn't make sense I think).
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    To answer your question (regardless of the video), the behavior you are looking for is known as shear-thickening: when a force/pressure is applied to the substance, its viscosity can dramatically increase, thus exhibiting behaviors characteristic of a solid and not a liquid. Stop applying the force/pressure and the viscosity once again decreases, and thus it flows, like a liquid. The branch of physics that studies this odd behavior is known as rheology.

    Now, as far as the video itself is concerned, this seems to be a magic trick that involves optical properties of water as well as the ball and/or sleight of hand.
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    Understood. Thanks all of you.
    That viscosity concepts are not being applied here. I thought initially that it would have been a different liquid.
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