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Little s and a in the PF logo?

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    Why is there a little s a the base of the P and a little a at the base of the F in the PF logo (at the top of the page)?
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    I was wondering about the same thing.
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    Since we keep getting questions on this, I'm going to make this thread a sticky. I would sticky the original thread, but the title isn't as likely to catch the attention of those with this specific question, and it is linked in this thread.
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    oooh... never noticed this thread here.

    sad times
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    I honestly don't see it. I've cleared my cache a billion times.
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    Use the Prime skin, if you're not already using it.
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    This happened some time ago. Why has there been no official announcement yet? I know there is a memorial page in the works, but there are probably still members that would be more than willing to contribute to that who still do not know about SA's passing.
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    Oh thank you. Nexus is so much better though...
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