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"local" vs "long distance" phone service?

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    Stephen Tashi

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    Does the distinction between "local" versus "long distance" phone service still have any basis in the equipment used to implement the service? Are "local" calls actually transmitted only on the networks and equipment owned by the local phone company?
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    If both sender and receiver are using the analog POTS, and both are in the same local area, then I would say yes. So many users are served by digital lines (like Uverse or cable) Voice over IP, cell etc, that in most cases I would say a call (even if in the local area) may be handled by more than one provider and more than one technology.
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    Long distance calls can also be transmitted only on the networks and equipment owned by the local phone company, it depends on what the phone company has decided is long distance and received approval to charge as long distance. With VoIP, cell phones etc... it all gets very blurry.

    Here's a bit about it. https://www.fcc.gov/consumers/guides/local-local-toll-and-long-distance-calling
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