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Looking for a Digital Pot

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    Has anyone here ever heard of a digital potentiometer that is built for household current? I'm talking about US power supply (110v 60Hz AC). I've been looking for one to buy. I tried searching online to look for prices, only to find that they don't seem to exist.

    Any links to an online store, or information about the existance or non-exitance of such a device would be greatly appreciated.
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    Not sure what you mean by a digital potentiometer for the AC Mains. I've not seen a use for a potentiometer on the AC Mains. Are you thinking more of a variac, to get stepped-down versions of the AC Mains voltage? Or are you looking to dim something like a light? If dimming, you don't use a potentiometer. You use triacs or SCRs to make dimmers:

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