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Looking For Books! Hardware, Computers, ElectronIcs -- Beginner

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    Hello Reader,
    I am looking into electronics and how the physically work. I'm less interested in the programing side of them and more interested in how to build them. Eventually I would like to be able to build computers and program them but that is a long way off.

    Does anyone have any resources that would help? I don't want to waste money on books that wont help.
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    There's some great communities that are interested in this level. For digital electronics, Check out Arduino:
    That will get you into the world of discrete digital electronics, logic gates microcontrollers and the like (this is behind computers) for classic analogue electronics, Radioshack used to have a good starter kit, along with books explaining watts volts and the rest. Unfortunately, it looks like they're restructuring:
    http://comingsoon.radioshack.com/dit [Broken]
    I'm sure there's good stuff out there. You might just start with getting a multimeter, reading the basics, and exploring the electronics and electric systems all around you.
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    Thanks for the tips. What do you mean by reading the basics?
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    Okay I'll go to it then. Thanks for the response
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