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Looking for Projectile Motion [3D] Literature

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    Forgive me for being vague, but I'm looking for some literature about understanding projectile motion in the third dimension. Possibly with algorithms.

    My desired goal is to put the information to use twoards a PC game that bases itself around firing projectiles. I've yet to fully understand its unit of measurment standards, hence my vagueness.

    Wind operates on the label of "forces". 0->5. Through questions from the game designer, wind is quite linear. Respectively Force 0 is no wind, but Force 1 being "X". Force 2 is 2x, Force 3 is 3x, etc...

    Also, and I don't know yet how litteral he means this, (if the variable is the same value.) but wind has also been stated as "horizontal gravity". I belive he means to the fact that, wind forces do not change via elevation changes or terrain.


    I've only begun this task, so I'm looking for basic sources or testimony's from this community to head me in the right direction.

    My in-the-end goal would be, to design a program (I'll likely choose PHP) input a set of variables:

    Position 1: X/Y/Z
    Position 2: X/Y/Z
    Wind: Direction/Force
    Gravity (hard-coded constant most likely)

    And it produce a list of data: Horizontal Rotation (0-360.0), Angle (0-90.0), and "Power" (scale of 0-1000.0)

    That would produce the correct shot from Position 1, to Position 2. (I would probably design it to work off of a constant or two, and then have it produce the other value(s). )
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