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Looking for suggestions with FRAPCON

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    hi all.
    I am a student of Nuclear Engineering. i don't have access to FRAPCON's source to make some changes and make it suitable for my studying but I have access to executable version of FRAPCON. i'm looking for some suggestions to work with FRAPCON on WWER reactors that help me to publish a paper.
    colud you help me?
    thank you
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    What version of Frapcon?

    Without introducing new models that requires access to the source code, it's not clear what one would publish.

    One can do sensitivity studies on inputs and input options regarding impact on outputs, e.g., cladding strain and rod internal pressure.

    One would need some detailed power histories for a reasonable comparison of effect of power operation and fuel management strategy, e.g., comparing annual cycles with 18 or 24 month cycles. Does one plant to model VVER-1000 type fuel, or VVER-440, or some other type?
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    first I appreciate and then I'm sorry for some missing informations.
    I have access to V3.4 and V3.5 and I would like to focus on VVER-1000 reactor.
    I wish I had access to the source code but it's impossible. may be I could finish own code based on FRAPCON's manual to make some changes and use it in my projects, this year.
    I liked your idea about using FRAPCON in fuel management. I should make some research around it and I'm ready to hear more suggestions.
    thank you
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