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Looking for visual models or discriptions of bullet vs. shape charge

  1. Nov 24, 2009 #1
    I'm creating a slide-show presentation that describes how a shape charge explosion (namely that of an improvised explosive formed projectile) is more effective than that of a bullet projectile.
    I would like to include visuals and equations which describe how the initial explosion creates velocity in the projectile.
    The audience I'm presenting to is a forum of undergraduate physics students at all levels and professors.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Welcome to the PF. We generally do not allow discussion of dangerous or illegal activities here on the PF, so please be aware that the thread may be locked or deleted, depending on where it goes.

    And I guess I have to ask why you are presenting this kind of material to undergraduate physics students?
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    I completely understand the concerns. I have no intention of teaching anyone how to make a home made bomb. I want to explain the physics behind an explosion acting on a larger percentage of the surface area of a mass (in the case of an efp) vs. an explosion acting on a smaller percentage of the the surface area of a mass (in the case of a bullet).

    I am an undergraduate physics student enrolled in a course which requires us to give a 10-15 minute slide-show presentation on a topic of our choice. I chose this topic because I am also a veteran of the US Army Infantry, and have experience with bullets and explosives. While I was in the service, I often wondered about the physics behind these events, and thought it would be interesting to research them for this particular project. This subject matter has already been approved by my professor.

    I posted on this site in hopes of finding links to educational diagrams and videos pertaining to the subject. I do not want any links pertaining to how to make home-made explosives, how to detonate explosive material, or how to construct efps; I'm only interested in how the shape of an object will affect its trajectory when acted on by an explosion.
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