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Macbook Pro, Linux or PC for CC Physics Major?

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    I'm just starting school as a Liberal Arts intending to major in Physics at my Local CC.
    **This question is for FUTURE REFERENCE!!!!***

    In regards to software support, what OS would I need? I've heard mixed reports & more forums leaning towards the Macbook Air / Pro side. Is this correct?

    I'm intending to transfer out to a 4yr University eventually (ex; University of Washington - Seattle, Indiana University - Bloomington, etc..)

    Link to the exact program:


    Link to the MCC Typical Physics Advisement Sequence:

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    I use a MacBook Pro, with Microsoft Office (for the Mac) and I use Parallels VMware with Win7 installed since I have to use some software that only operates on Win7.

    I have a colleague who uses a Dell desktop and laptop, and he has a VMware with Linux installed.

    So it goes either way.

    I've also used dual bootable workstation with 4 processors that used Windows 7 Pro and Mandriva Linux, although any Linux/Unix system would probably have worked. In all cases, we use what is compatible with the company's IT system.
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    I would probably require something higher-powered? Like something closer to a "Gaming rig" or "workstation PC" ex; Lenovo W541, HP ZBOOKs, whatever. I'm aware Physics does require some CAD / CAM Apps / Software. Although there is a hefty amount of software on the Linux support side for Physics software. There is the Wine Windows App emulator / launcher. & I have heard that most CERN Employees & Interns do use Macs the majority of the time. So I guess it does go either way.
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