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Magnetic Field inside Solenoid and EMF

  1. May 5, 2009 #1

    A small loop of area A is placed inside a long solenoid that has n turns per meter and carries a sinusoidally varying current of amplitude i. The central axes of the loop and solenoid coincide. If i = i0sin ωt, find the emf in the loop.

    EMFinduced = - d([tex]\phi[/tex]B)/ dt
    Bsolenoid= [tex]\mu[/tex]0ni

    The product of B and A = A[tex]\mu[/tex]0ni0sin (ωt)
    So the derivative of [tex]\phi[/tex]B with respect to time:
    =A[tex]\mu[/tex]0ni0cos (ωt) ω
    EMFinduced = - A[tex]\mu[/tex]0ni0cos (ωt) ω

    Apparently this is incorrect. I'm sorry about the sloppy formatting, could someone help me out with this?
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  3. May 7, 2009 #2
    EMF = nABω sinωt
    F(magnetism) = B • i • l
    F(mag) = qvB

    I don't know if that helps much, but those are a few more equations that might apply, although I think you already had them in various forms. If you had the magnitude of electrical/magnetic force or the length it might be easier. Sorry...
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