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Magnetic flux and direction of induced current

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    I am really really hoping that the answer is wrong in the back of my book otherwise my entire basis for electricity/magnetism will be shattered :cry:

    Basically, there is a picture of a magnetic field going into the page, and there is a coiled loop within this magnetic field. If the magnetic field is decreasing over time, which way will current flow in the loop?

    I think that since its decreasing, the coil will induce a current to increase that magnetic field (into the page) and thus, thumb points into the page with right hand, and current flows clockwise (and electrons flow counter clockwise)..

    Am I wrong?
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    I vote for 'no'.
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    I say clockwise too.
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    you are correct.

    Can you tell what your book says ?

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    If you are looking from the top obviously clockwise and from bottom anticlockwise!
    Your concepts are right and thats Lenz Rule,observe the orientation well,sometimes they can confuse.!
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