Making a lightning jet engine

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Does lightning heat air 5 times more the the suns surface? If so can a hybrid lightning jet engine work, as lightning heats up air, more then fuel can?

Americas 5th gen jet fighter can travel 3* more then enemy jet's. That means it's a hybrid engine right?

Compressed air heated sees the air expand making it's speed pick up or fly faster, or fly longer as the engine turbines make electricity?

I take it the jet fuel also powers the electricity by using lightning, to heat the air expanding it also, saving fuel?

To save fuel the F-22 jet must use 50% less because the electric power turbines, are making the jet powered by lighting strikes, that expand the air making thrust at the same time, meaning less fuel as the blades turn, they make electricity?

Big lightning heats the air on earth 5* hotter then the sun. This means any lighting can hit compressed air making it expand from heating it up with lightning right?

As you can see i am far from a scientist, or good at gramma...Sorry peoples.

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The name of the F-35 is the "Lightning". That doesn't mean it's powered by lightning, any more than the F-18 hornet is powered by bees.
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I'm not sure if this was intended as a serious thread or not, but that OP is basically gibberish, bearing no resemblance to how a jet engine works. There is nothing special about the F-35's engine. Here's a place to start learning about how jet engines work:

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