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Mass Flow Rate

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    Hi, how do i work this one out?

    The mass flow rate of a fluid flowing through a section of pipe with a diameter of 38mm at a flow velocity of 5ms-1 with a specific volume of 0.00109 m3/kg is?

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    mass flow rate = density * area * velocity
    density = 1 / specific volume

    mass flow rate = 5.202 kg/s

    is that right?
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    You have:
    Pipe diameter
    Flow velocity
    and sp.Vol.

    Look at your units, then look at the units of the answer you expect and try to work it out. Equations are not enough, try to understand what is happening.

    You've got a mass of liquid flowing through a pipe at a certain velocity, yea? The pipe has a given cross sectional area, and a specific amount of liquid will pass through a given cross section at any time, given the flow velocity, right?

    So think about how you can relate these variables into something usable.
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    Also, yep. That's correct. Do you understand how that formula makes sense, though?
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