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Materials science book recommendation

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I posted this in a different board, but I think this is a better place, so I'm reposting.

I'm taking a materials science class (in Korea) but I'd like a decent English-language textbook to supplement the class-recommended material. The specific class name in English is "MECHANICAL BEHAVIOR OF MATERIALS" and the syllabus is as follows:

Week # - Material (pun not intended) to cover
1 - o. Introduction to mechanics of materials / o. Elements of mechanics of materials
2 - o. Stress and strain / o. Stress-strain diagram
3 - o. Thermal stress / o. Analysis of stress and strain / o. Simple stress on inclined sections
4 - o. Simple stress and Mohr`s circle / o. Biaxial stress
5 - o. Biaxial stress and Mohr`s circle / o. Plane stress and Principal stress and Mohr`s circle
6 - o. Properties of plane figure / o. moment of inertia and parallel axis theorem / o. Shearing force of a beam and bending moment
7 - o. Shearing force diagram (S.F.D.) and bending moment diagram (B.M.D.) / o. Bending stress of a beam and flexure formula / o. Deflection of a beam
8 - Midterms
9 - o. Strength and fracture behavior of materials / o. Theoretical strength and actual
strength of materials
10 - o. Griffith equation and Irwin equation / o. Probability of failure and Weibull statistics
11 - o. Fatigue and fracture of materials / o. Life prediction of materials
12 - o. Thermal shock fracture of materials / o. Thermal shock fracture resistance
13 - o. Thermal shock damage resistance / o. Some theory of thermal shock fracture
14 - o. Strength degradation by thermal shock / o. Thermal fatigue phenomena of materials
15 - o. Creep of materials
16 - Finals

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