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Mathematica cannot plot this graph

  1. Jan 24, 2009 #1
    General question regarding mathematica. I am trying to make a plot of [tex] A Sin(\omega t - \pi / 2) [/tex] but it seems that mathematica cannot plot this graph without having A and omega defined. Is there a way to have mathematica plot this given the variable A and frequency omega?

    Basically, instead of plotting it on a number line, would mathematica be able to label the y axis in terms of A (instead of 1, 2, 3...) and also label the x axis with omega instead of pi, 2pi, .. etc.

    Currently using:
    Plot[A Sin[\[Omega] t - \[Pi]/2] , {t, 0, 6 Pi}]
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    Re: Mathematica

    What I usually do is fix some values for A and omega and adjust the axes accordingly. For example, try something like this

    Code (Text):

      y[t_] := A Sin[\[Omega] t - \[Pi]/2]
    Block[{A = 1, \[Omega] = 2},
     Plot[y[t], {t, 0, 10 \[Omega]},
      Ticks -> {Table[{j \[Omega], j "\[Omega]"}, {j, 0, 10}],
        Table[{k A, k "A"}, {k, -1, 1, 0.25}]}]
    Note the use of Ticks, which puts different marks on the axes, and how I used Table to make precisely those marks that I want.

    I hope the code is self-explanatory, otherwise I am counting on your questions :)
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