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Mathematica: draw a double integral

  1. May 14, 2012 #1
    I've written a matlab m-file to draw a double integral as below.My problem is how to draw a double integral when the variables are located in the bounds of the integral not under its operator!!!!!!!!!!!
    tetha = pi/4;
    lamb = -1;
    h = 4;
    tetha0 = 0;
    syms x y l

    n = [h.*((cos(tetha)).^2)./sin(tetha); h.*abs(cos(tetha)); 0];
    ft = ((tetha - pi/2)./sin(tetha)).^4;
    Rt = [cos(tetha) -sin(tetha); sin(tetha) cos(tetha)];
    zt = [cos(tetha0) -sin(tetha0); sin(tetha0) cos(tetha0)];
    lt = [x;y];

    integrand = @(x,y)(ft.*h.*((abs(cos(tetha)).* (x.*cos(tetha)-y.*sin(tetha)))-((cos(tetha)).^2/sin(tetha)).*(x.*sin(tetha)+y.*cos(tetha))));
    PhiHat = @(a,b)(dblquad(integrand,0,a,0,b));
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