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Mathematica DSolve

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    Hi Guys,
    I'm trying to solve a system of differential equations using the Dsolve function of mathematica. The run is taking too much time without giving any results (2 or 3 days)... does that mean that there's something wrong in my equations? or that mathematica is unable to solve it? or is it possible for the run to take that much time and i'd better wait more? thanks in advance for your help!
    P.S. the equations are not simple
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    I have found that if it doesn't find a solution within 10 min then it was not going to find a solution overnight. I haven't tried beyond that.

    However, on an older version of Mathematica I did have one circumstance where the equation could be calculated in the kernel just fine, but then outputting the results to the screen would take a really long time and eventually the notebook process overran the memory.

    I would check if it is your kernel process which is taking so long or your notebook process. Then I would check your memory usage, if it is going this long then it probably has gone into virtual memory but has not overrun the pagefile. So it may be a calculation that has a reasonable chance of running successfully given enough ram.
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