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Mathematical Word

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    I was wondering if there is some verison of Word~or something like it,in which it has virtually all the math operators and greek letters. So then you could write elegant formulas and equations.
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    Sorry, I have just found the LaTex math typesetting post on this site.
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    Microsoft Word itself has nice math formatting.

    Click on "insert" on the menu bar- then the "object" sub-menu, scroll down to "microsoft equation 3.0". If you've not ever used it before you might have to wait while Word loads it from memory, possibly even asking you to put the "Microsoft Word" cd in the drive- although that has never happened to me.
    If, like me, you use it a lot, you will want to put the "equation" icon on your tool bar. Click on "tools", then "Customize". Click on the "Commands" tab, click on "insert" then scroll down the box until you find "equation"- drag it to your tool bar.
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    I never knew that, Thanks.:smile:
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    You may also be interested in Open Office (free) or Star Office (slightly better for a decent price) which both have a great (IMHO) equation editor. It's a matter of preference but I like it much more than the point and click approach of MS Word. It's actually even better than the WordPerfect equation editor if that helps as a reference. BTW, those two packages are highly compatible with MSWord though I haven't tried to convert documents containing equations (I rarely use Word).

    What I use most often, however, is Scientific Notebook which contains the muPAD engine which is a powerful computer algebra/calculus package. It doesn't have all the flexibility of the full blown muPAD package (which I also use extensively and supports plotting) but that's a minor point. SN is LaTeX based but hides all the complexity from the user. It's also low cost!
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    Bleh! I hate the Word equation editor.

    Scientific Notebook is pretty nice, although I just prefer writing LaTeX directly. It's really not hard to pick up.
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    Math Is Hard

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    http://www.dessci.com/en/products/mathtype/" [Broken] by Design Science is nice, but it's $99 (academic pricing).
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