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Matter = condensed energy

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    Just wanna see what people have to say to this. light == raw energy, matter == condensed energy. If we were able to take all the different light waves from the sun, and like a laser(in short, the light bounces around inside a cylinder then shoots out), condense the light energy, would we be able to create "matter"? I know matter cannot be created or destroyed, but i really don't think thats true because matter is only condensed energy that has a structure called an atom, if we can break down that atom, then that atom wouldn't be "matter" anymore. we can turn matter into light, fire as an example? so can we turn light into matter by compressing the raw energy? us humans think we have things figured out. another example of why i don't think "matter cannot be created or destroyed" is true is because (i know its only theory) but black holes' gravitational force is so strong, it collapses the atoms structure, creating an absence of matter. thats why black holes are actually smaller than an atoms nucleus. even math is theory, right?
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    Take as many photons as you like and explain how you intend to use all of them to create a particle with charge e and spin of 1/2.

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