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Measure big biulding resistance with Earth tester

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    HI ALL

    We have a big building.there is a ring around the building as earthing system.

    we put bare cooper wire in trench around building .

    NOW,we are going to measure the resistance of earthing system with earth tester. Our device is MI 2124 ,one production of METREL .

    how I can measure the resistance of big earthing system? can I use MI 2124 for this purpose?

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    Hello Roho -

    Been a while since I was in the field - but real meaningful earth testing of commercial / industrial sites is a tricky subject.

    There are 2 different things you may be measuring - the Resistance of ANY point within the Ring - to a central point - typically an Earthing Rod - I believe you may need a different instrument - Higher current and lower resistance because you are measuring the installed conductors. (This is a measure of the safety of the people / equipment in the facility relative to the electrical system )

    To measure the Resistance of the Ring ( or this central point) to "EARTH" you will need to drive a Test Rod - in the cut sheet it says 30M max - that may work - but I have seen these tests run to a rod over 1000' Away. ( This is a measure of the safety of the Building relative to the utility supply)
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