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Mechanics of material book

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    I want to buy a mechanics of solids book to keep it as a theory reference after i complete college. I have following options
    Mechanics of solids - Popov
    Mechanics of solids - stephen crandall
    Mechanics of materials - Jenkins & khanna
    Mechanics of material - Beer & johnston
    Strength of material I & II - Timoshenko
    Strength of material - James gere
    Which one should i buy? I am looking for a completely theoretical book, for reference, i dont need any question bank sort of a book.

    For my course, i had popov & James gere's book. Popov is very good, whereas the later one was a lil more exam oriented
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    Those are the only options? If you can expand that and want a theory reference, I would recommend Timoshenko & Goodier's Theory of Elasticity.
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    absolutely not, those are the ones i know:shy:. thanks for the suggestion:smile:
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    Ones i have used/got




    I used a Mech Eng databook too, and i have some college level books in Mechanical Science and HND Mech Eng

    A good solids book, well led to think so, is also


    This is the one our tutor said, but i couldnt find one going cheap on Ebay.

    same with this one


    Again, not in my poor student budget.

    Got my books for a few £ of ebay, and all cost less than £10 with postage.
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