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Membership renewal

  1. Jun 18, 2010 #1
    Did I miss something? Or does PF send a notice when it's time to renew one's membership? It's possible I deleted an e-mail without realising. Or is an e-mail sent out at all?

    I was perplexed when suddenly my PM box was beyond capacity and I could have sworn the storage was larger. And then my sock monkey was gone, and I knew something was up.

    So, just curious. Are notices sent out? And has it actually been one more whole year?
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    If I remember correctly, my notice of expiration was sent out a week before deadline.
  4. Jun 18, 2010 #3
    I must have just missed it and/or accidentally deleted it, then.
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    Congratulations on another year Georgina!!
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    Aww, thanks Evo. :smile: waht's correct, though, yes? Some sort of notice was sent out and being the lunkhead sort that I can be, I missed it?
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    Is the e-mail address we have on file for you still correct?
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    Yep. :smile: I get scads of thread update e-mails from PF every day. Likely it was buried in amongst those, and I just missed it.
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    Did you know you can click on that link at the top left of the page that says "My PF" and change your user settings so you don't get all those thread update emails if you don't want them? Some people like them, some don't but don't know they can turn off subscriptions, or change how often they get notices of new posts in threads they're subscribed to, etc.

    Usually there is an email, so if you're getting a lot of emails about posts in threads you've subscribed to, you might have missed it. Sometimes emails get a little kerflukey, but if you're getting all the others, that's not likely the problem.
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