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Metal tubes project for school

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    I am designing a product for my school project. I need to bend two pieces of metal tubes. This is not possible in my school, therefore I need to get it done elsewhere. Can someone suggest where I could go? Which comanies to approach.:confused:
    Please help, my time is running out.

    PS. I live in the UK
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    1. What part of the UK ?
    2. Call your nearest hardware store and ask them where to go.
    3. Go to the nearest hardware store, buy yourself a tubing bender, and do it yourself.
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    If it's small enough metal tubing, you can fashion a small bending jig rather easily and just do it yourself. What size tube and what radius are you wanting to bend?
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    Well, I am not going to bend it much. It is a long vertical metal tube bent slightly inwards at the top (about 1/4 of the whole length of the tube). The tube is 10mm in diameter.

    I am thinking about using stainless steel, and I want it to be perfectly bent.
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    I would recommend Gokul's suggestion regarding the hardware store, or an electrical supplier who sells metal conduit tubing. Bending stainless steel will be more difficult than Al or Cu tubing, since steels are stronger and stiffer.

    What is the radius of the bend. The tighter the bend, the more difficult it will be.
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