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Microwave transmitter question

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    Can someone enumerate the equipment needed in a microwave transmitter control room?
    i already searched the net and i somehow don’t understand anything haha. also can you please explain what each equipment does? thank you :)
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    What are you doing that requires you to work with microwaves? Transmitters are not playthings and you can harm or even kill someone if you don't know what you're doing.
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    what is a microwave transmitter control room?

    your question is very vague
    please tell us much more about what you are referring to
    are you referring to a microwave radio communications link ? or something totally different ?

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    After some discussion with the other mentors I've decided to lock this thread. Your questions are so vague that they are already almost impossible to answer and, on top of that, microwave transmission can be dangerous if you don't know anything about RF transmission safety.
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