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Microwaves and gamma rays

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    Someone told me that the film badges used in nuclear plants respond to microwave radiation from microwave ovens, as well as to the ionizing radiation they're intended for. I don't understand how this could work. Can someone explain it, or is it just not true?
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    Film badges don't respond to microwaves.
    I don't know about TLDs - they are read and reset by heat so I suppose if you put them in a microwave they could respond.
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    I suspect heating of the film may darken it. Ask your dentist for some film and try it. It has a Pb backing that, I suspect, must be removed.

    TLD devices are read by heating, which releases the stored energy from the irradiation. A photo-sensitive device does the reading. This is how Nagasaki / Hiroshima radiation was much later measured from pottery (roof tiles?)

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