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Homework Help: Mirror reflection question

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    I'm studying for a test that is going to cover mirrors and lenses. I was under the impression that the focal length for any concave or convex mirror was half the radius of curvature:

    but one of the questions in my book involving a convex mirror uses a different value for f, according to the solutions manuel. It says that:

    of all the questions i've encountered while studying for this test, f has always been r/2. can someone help explain why f can be 2/r?
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    That does seem like a typo. As r gets bigger, f will grow. Can you state the exact problem from the text?
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    So was that a typo? Test tomorrow...
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    Yes it was a typo. They meant to say 1/f = 2/r and that is the way they used it in the problem. The right hand side of the next to last line replaced the 1/f with -2/20yd
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