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Misc. questions/Inorganic chemistry

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    I have a few questions I need quick answers to, have tried both my textbooks and Google but the answers are not very easy to find without reading a whole lot of text. Many thanks!

    1. The chemical bond between borane and hydrogen in boranes, BxHy is characterised by a unusual property. What?

    2. Does boranes normaly act as Lewis acids or bases, and why?

    3. Name an oxide of carbon and one of silica. The oxides have large differences in apperance/properties. How can you explain this with chemical bonding?

    4. Describe the industrial synthesis of nitric acid from hydrogen gas and nitrogen gas. What's the different processes called?

    5. What colour and aggregation state does the first four halogens have?

    6. Describe the industrial large scale synthesis of hydrogen gas (a two step reaction).

    7. Metal ions from the s-group forms few complexes in water solution while metal ions from the d-group can form complexes with many different ligands. Give a simple explanation to this behaviour.

    8. What does the concept "group oxidation number" mean?

    9. SF4 and SF6 are both termodynamically instable against reaction with water. SF4 reacts fast with water, while SF6 is stable. Why?

    10. How is the powerful oxidisers chlorine/flourine-gas manufactured? Why do you have to use a partly different technique in the both cases?
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    You need to do your own homework, read your text. If you have any specific questions afterwards, you can ask them here. Most of the questions you posted here as well as the other in the chemistry forum are straightforward.
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