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Homework Help: Motion in One Dimension

  1. May 16, 2015 #1
    James walks 2 km away from home in 30 minutes. He then turns around
    and walks back home along the same path, also in 30 minutes. Calculate James’
    average speed and average velocity.

    My answer:
    s = d / t
    = 4000m / 3600s
    = 1,11 m.s -1

    v = Δx / Δt
    = 0 m / 3600 s
    = 0 m.s-1

    I'm just confuse about one part in velocity, so if your displacement is 0 the velocity is always 0? yeah?
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    The average velocity is then zero. There is also the concept of instantaneous velocity which applies at any given instant anywhere along the path.
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