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Motion Sensor through the internet

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    I would like to make a connection between a motion-sensor and a set of tubelights. This is not that hard, but I would like to do this over a large distance... It seems a good idea to use the internet for this. I can get or make a motion-sensor with a USB connection and connect it to a computer (I've found a tutorial for this). Then I can send the motion signal to another computer over the internet and this second computer turns the lights on or off. Unfortunately I don't really know how to start with this; especially with finding software that interprets the USB input and a connection between the second computer and the lights.

    To illustrate what I want I've added an image; the point is to have a lights in a hangar going on and off depending on a person standing in front of a screen. (I've already solved the video; Skype)

    Thank you for the help!

    Loods proposal English.jpg
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    There's a commercial set of components that can do this called Little Bits where you can cobble together a circuit and interact with it over the internet through a site they manage.

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    Try googling "IO control over the internet raspberry pi"
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    Thank you! I think that should do the trick!
    Thank you, that seems to work similar to something like Arduino right?
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    Similar but focused differently.

    Arduino is a small uP chip based system optimized for IO control. Use to control peripheral devices.

    Raspberry Pi is a small linux based system that can serve web pages, interface to USb, etc. Better for communication.
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