Mouse cursor frozen on screen

  1. For some reason, my mouse cursor remains frozen , even after I shut down my laptop numerous . What steps should I take to unfreeze my cursor?

    BTW,I'm using a laptop and and I don't have a mouse attached to my laptop. I'm using the mouse already installed on keyboard of my laptop
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  3. What were you doing before the mouse froze on you? Is it frozen in the middle of the screen after reboot? And try plugging in an external mouse to see if you can get back your mouse functionality.
  4. have you pressed the button to 'enable' the touch pad/mouse?
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    You may have a problem with the touch pad. As Servo888 suggested try to plug in an external mouse and see if that works. If it does, the problem may be with your touch pad.
  6. It is my touchpad. So what should I do to get my touchpad functioning again.
  7. wats the os ?
    sometimes this problem arise with uncompatibility between some version of linuxes and mouse..
  8. Which button should I pressed to enable my touchpad?
  9. fn-f9
  10. sometimes its directly above the 'pad' area
  11. Yea the button to turn off/on my pad is above it. Ussually there is one as it is nice to turn it off when typing.
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