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Homework Help: Multiple temperature reservoirs

  1. May 26, 2007 #1
    I have a problem:

    A typical compartment domestic refrigerator with freezer can be represented by 3 temperature reservoirs connected to the cyclic device which absorbs W' of work.

    - cool box at Tc = +279K from which Q'c heat is extracted
    - freezer at Tf = -269k from which a further Q'f heat is extracted
    -Domestic ambient surroundings at T = 298K to which Q'rej heat is rejected

    Assuming ideal reversible performance calculate the maximum physically possible rate of heat extraction Q'f (W) from the freezer compartment for Q'c = 100W

    How do you calculate this WITHOUT knowing Q'rej is the first place???

    confused :confused:

    thankyou for your time,

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