My Solutions to Tensors and Manifolds

My Solutions to "Tensors and Manifolds" Textbook

Right now I am reading my current favourite book "Tensors and Manifolds with Applications to Relativity" by Wasserman, 1992. I am doing the exercises and typing out my solutions. I would like to share my solutions (with the questions typed out) with all of you.

I am only a beginning graduate student so my solutions may not be perfect and I may even get stuck with some of the exercises. Thus, you may benefit from my correct solutions, and I may benefit from you if you find errors in my solutions or help me out where I get stuck. So this should be mutually beneficial.

Below is the link to my solutions to Chapters 1 and 2.
Update: Problem 1.12 has been corrected and finished (thanks to PF Homework Helper AKG), but the correction is not in the pdf download.
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