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Need help w/ circuit analysis

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    Xtasy, you need to show some of your own work in order for us to help you . That's a rule here on the PF. As in your first post on the PF:


    you were prodded to provide your own start to the problem. Show us what you know about mesh analysis here so far, and how it applies to this problem in your attachment. Then we'd be happy to provide some hints and tips.
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    Well, I could take KVL around the loop -Vx/8 + 6Ix + 6Ix - 1Ix=0 KVl around the lower right hand +32Ix -15Ix -1Ix= 0 = 16Ix=0. Then what?
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    The currents in your KVL equations are NOT all Ix. Ix is the current through that bottom right resister and will not be the same once it passes through that first node. Also what are the units for the resisters, kohm or ohm?
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    The resistors are all in ohms
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