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Need help with wave motion question

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    The question reads:

    "Water waves in the deep part of a ripple tank have a wavelength of 5.2cm. They approach the boundary where the shallow part begins with an angle of 25degrees between the waves and the boundary, but after they have crossed the boundary, this angle has dropped to 17degrees. What is their new wavelength"

    I just have no idea where to start. Could someone please help me or atleast give me a hint to how I should start this question? I'm so lost. :confused:
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    HINT: Have you ever heard of Snell's Law?
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    No I haven't but I searched it up in google and it didn't seem to help me very much with this question. I managed to come up with an answer of 3.59cm but I don't know if it's right or not. Could someone please solve this question and confirm that my answer is correct?

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    PLEASE, I really need help! :cry:
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