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Need some encouragement.

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    I am currently a freshman in college going into Mechanical Engineering. To give some background of my self, I have been involved with motor sports my whole life (raced and ride motocross), always been very interested in working on my truck, and I have been interested in engineering since I was young. In high school I took Calc 1 and part of Calc 2, and finished with a B+ (.03% away from an A). I am taking an Intro to Engineering class already and it seems really cool and exciting. Even physics is interesting to me and I find a sense of accomplishment in completing a difficult problem that takes 30 minutes to do. I don't mind hard work, at all, all though I hope to still have time for my girlfriend, and have some sort of life. However, I seem to be very discouraged by all the people who tell me how "impossible" and difficult ME is. I am not sure how to take it and just looking for some encouragement every once in a while instead of all these negative comments that other students in other majors and people in general state. With that said, any comments, suggestions, encouraging comments?

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    When I was at college, mechanical was generally considered to be the "best" kind of engineering major. We tended to look down on the civil/electrical/etc. students as being inferior.

    You seem to have plenty of math background, so I woudln't worry. It'll probably be easier for you than people who can't get engaged in a 30 minute problem.
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    Alright well thanks for the info and help!
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    Do you plan on working in the motocross industry?
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    That would be awesome, but I would have to be a damn good engineer, probably something I could possibly get into after years of experience, but I am not completely sure
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